Leveling the college-going playing field.

QUAD College Advising (QUAD) offers superior college advising programming for high school students in southeastern Michigan. We support students in the following areas:

College Research & Planning

College Application Completion

Scholarship Research & Planning

Scholarship Application Completion

High School to College Matriculation

Academic Advising

Study Skills Development

FAFSA Application Completion

Financial Aid & Financial Literacy

Time Management & Organizational Skills Development



QUAD College Advising is a thriving organization, helping underserved youth research and secure the best match and fit for their post-secondary opportunities.


Our mission is to maximize underserved high school students' post-graduate success by providing support and guidance through the college application and enrollment process.

Goals & Objectives

QUAD's goal is to help underserved students expand their post-secondary opportunities. This goal is reflected in our programmatic objectives:

1. Creating a measurable increase in scholarship dollars, college acceptances and college retention for underserved students in southeastern Michigan.
2. Helping underserved students access the career, college-going, financial aid and scholarship resources that are available at higher learning institutions and community organizations.
3. Providing underserved students with post-secondary options that are the best match and fit for them, in order to increase their career and educational opportunities.