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Success Stories.


d. miller, University of Michigan, C/O 2019

"Ms. Aldridge has been the best adviser to me that any scholar could dream for. She is extremely enthusiastic and assertive in her pursuits to help her students.  She has made every effort to ensure that her students are not only accepted in college, but prepared for college. With her weekly newsletters, scholarship essay sessions, and weekly updates of programs, I did not miss a beat during my senior year and I truly thank her for it. "

Jerry Lawrence, Dean of Students of University Prep Academy

As a high school administrator, it’s important that our students leave feeling prepared for the level of rigor that university level work provides. Often times, we get so wrapped up in ensuring academic success that we lose sight of the actual college application and matriculation process. Having Ms. Aldridge be able to ease the anxiety and stress that many of our students and their families had as they began their process, was priceless. Ms. Aldridge worked uniquely with each student to find a college that was a best fit and made sure their family was literate in all of the different forms and processes that come with going to college. Ms. Aldridge reimagined what a college advisor can be for our high school. We are eternally grateful.  

R. Williams, University of Michigan C/O 2019

"Ms. Aldridge has helped me navigate through one of my life’s most daunting obstacles: applying to college. Applying to college was something that was new to me and somewhat intimidating up until I started meeting with Ms. Aldridge. I knew very early on that Ms. Aldridge was extremely invested in my education and genuinely concerned about my success. After taking the time to learn about me, my passions, and interests she helped me find the perfect university. 

With the help of Ms. Aldridge, I was able to do more than just apply. I received help with my application and essays, and I was even afforded opportunities to meet faculty and alumni from colleges that I was interested in so that I could learn more about my future possibilities. Even after I was admitted into my school of choice I received help with applying for scholarships, completing the FAFSA, and time management skills that would prove to be useful throughout my first year  of college. College has been a smooth transition because I was taught how to network, take advantage of the resources my college had to offer and to build connections at my school. Ms. Aldridge not only helped me make the best out of my first year of college, but provided me with an accountability partner that regularly checked in with me throughout each semester of college to ensure that I was still on track. I was exposed to many opportunities that I would not have known about if it were not for Ms. Aldridge." 


"I was extremely pleased with the level of professionalism and knowledge Ms. Wainaina provided Pontiac High School. Ms. Wainaina brought the optimal mix of post-secondary knowledge, college application and scholarship application assistance and real world experience. She asked the right probing questions and really listened to our students to ensure that she met their needs."


Teni Franklin, Head Counselor, Pontiac High School

"Ms. Phaedra is the most diligent and unmatched college advisor to reach our students. She is an absolute professional. The skill set she brings includes a diverse knowledge of great programming and student engagement. She is patient and thorough. From my point of view we would not have been able to make the improvements we made without her." 


"Ms. Aldridge carries herself with the poise of an intelligent and classy young lady. She is very determined to enroll all her students into post-secondary schooling. Ms. Aldridge served as a motivator to encourage students to go in to the next step. She lets students know that there is no limit to their success."


X. Hershovitz, Oakland University c/o 2019

"I never would have guessed someone I only knew for nine months would impact my life forever. Ms. Phaedra, went above and beyond the call of duty as a college advisor. She not only made sure I was fully set up and taken care of for my post-secondary education, but she always pushed me to grow as a person. Ms. Phaedra made herself available to address concerns with different personal issues in my life and she continues to check in on me, even after graduating from high school a year ago. I know if I scroll through my phone and click her name, there is always a listening ear and a helping hand on the other end."